Moni Soi Humes



 The CEO of RBR WALLSTREET, Ms. Moni Soi’ Humes, has a gift for marketing businesses through her specialized branding techniques. Ms. Humes is considered to be one of the top women serial entrepreneurs of the modern marketing era. Her vision created RBR PR & Advertising along with several subsidiary service brands that fall under the parent RBR brand. As a creative professional Ms. Humes has made a name for herself in the fashion, entertainment, and visual arts categories of marketing and public relations.

     Ms. Humes is also well known as an author. One of her main books, The PR Plan: Own Your Own Brand, was an inspirational writing that focused on helping aspiring entrepreneurs reach their full potential. The book was also the catalyst that moved forward the creation of RBR PR Academy which is an academy that trains individuals to pursue their dreams of becoming successful business professionals.   Ms. Humes is also redefining how marketing practices are taught through the digital space, and she is also creating career paths for individuals through her marketing agency enterprise.

     Ms. Humes has notably represented countless celebrities and entertainers with her public relations services, and she's the leader of a well informed following. Ms. Humes continues to push creative ideas into reality by planning appropriately and having the foresight to put innovative ideas into action before anyone else does.